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Our bespoke eLearning development production is a completely disruptive approach to eLearning and course authoring.

Whether your resource materials are Word documents, handouts or slides, or whether you need a 20 screen programme or a 100 screen programme, the time it takes as to produce quality eLearning is dramatically reduced – and so is the cost.

The new economic model for bespoke eLearning courseware production

Our team of instructional designers can shape, storyboard and produce various levels and styles of material to your preference that incorporate:

  • Instant and live audio voiceovers
  • Video and multimedia segments
  • Image and visual repositories and insertion
  • Multiple test and assessment formats
  • Multiple Gamification engagements
  • Rapid versioning for multiple language, departmental or market distinction

Imagine…your own suite of eLearning


Ground-up development of your subject matter into eLearning courses to the style and engagement levels you specify. You’ll be truly surprised just how far your budget will go. Gone are the days of long and expensive eLearning projects.

Curriculum conversion
and digitisation

Every FE and HE institution has it’s own digitisation agenda, as well as the National Digitisation Agendas set centrally. Disrupt can suddenly enable you to achieve these agendas cost and time effectively. Large chunks of curriculum can be converted instantly and layered to the level of engagement you wish.

Training resource
and materials conversion

Turning your delivery and support materials into eLearning. For example, a 30-page handout, or slide deck, takes just a few minutes to convert into SCORM content – and then we build from there!

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