Live Phishing Training

Disrupt's cyber security training is here to support and safeguard your staff from phishing and cyber security attacks. It does this by the use of immersive simulation – sending safe phishing emails then delivering tailored online cyber security training based on evidential reporting.

The training is delivered online using a blend of eLearning, video and immersive bite-sized interactions.

Real-world phishing training for your team

We will create and execute robust monthly phishing or security awareness campaigns, delivering a regular stream of real-world cyber security training activity direct to your team. These live simulated phishing attacks give your team real-world experience – immersive safe activities that will help you to create a strong and robust ‘human firewall’.

And, as a manager, you will receive monthly reporting on the activities delivered and the responses of your team – with easy to understand reports to enable you to see your team go from good to great, protecting your businesses precious data, reputation and brand.

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live Phishing attack training


 What’s Included

An experienced team of technical professionals will provide campaign creation, oversight, and reporting, including: 

  • Monthly campaigns created and managed by a dedicated consultant.
  • A mix of phishing simulation emails and interactive training materials.
  • Regular reports, branded with your logo, that you can share with each of your ICT and senior team.
  • No technical cyber security knowledge is needed – the training and set-up is completely user-friendly.


  • The real-world ‘attacks’ come in the form of dummy phishing emails that are traced and tracked independently of your IT architecture.
  • The stand-alone cyber security training system delivers safe simulated phishing emails directly to you end-user’s email inbox then reports on how each individual or team is doing. Helping the you and your organisation – through robust evidential cyber security training – to be real-world aware and trained in the risks posed to your business data, reputation and brand.

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