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Online Phishing Training and eLearning Course

What’s covered in the phishing training course

  • The history of cybercrime
  • Understanding the risk
  • Context and mini case studies
  • What is Phishing
  • How to recognise phishing
  • How to report suspect emails
  • Social engineering
  • Attacks via Social Media
  • How to support your team and organisation

This course is designed to help combat cyber criminals by educating employees about the importance of recognising and handling phishing attempts effectively.

The learning style

This online eLearning course use lots of interactive elements to make the learning a rich experience:

  • Games and quizzes
  • ‘Clickable’ expanding content
  • Multiple video content
  • Animation
  • Voice-over
  • …and much more

Our online Phishing Training is an effective and smart training option, especially for teams who don’t have the time to take a complicated anti-phishing course.

This training is a convenient solution for quick and effective cyber security education. Your team will learn about all of the basic principles of phishing in a short amount of time (30-40mins). It includes  quiz games, videos, and interactive elements which make eLearning experience more fun and engaging.

Our online phishing course will support your team to find out how cybercriminals use phishing scams to steal personal and business information as well as phishing attempts to steal money from your business – including ransomware and how to mitigate the risk.

Phishing attacks – to acquire sensitive business data and passwords – have never been more prevalent, talk to Disrupt today about our phishing training.

We have a ready-to-go course, which can also be amended and adapted to suit internal IT policies, as well as your own internal language and style.

Cybersecurity and phishing training online

Anti-Phishing eLearning for your team

Disrupt Learning and Education have developed a fully immersive cyber security eLearning course. This can be delivered straight off-the-shelf, or contextualised for your team, quickly and easily – and at minimal cost. Talk to us today about cyber security training for your team.

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